The real idea of our compellation to all Christians not only in Russia but also all over the world is that we would like to invite all attracted people to have active cooperation in a creative Super-Project of the 3rd millennium which is called ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN. This project is directly linked with the authorial picture ‘Adam and Eve in the Heaven’, which has the second name ‘The Exaltation of God’.

This picture, because of its important idea, positive and incredibly sacred content is, in fact, the philosophical message to the Christian world.– Which is naturally considered that there is a presence of really interested audience of more than 2 bln. of Christians.

The high and glorious idea of the Project is really different from all the present notions about these questions in the Christian world and it also precedes them. Due to this fact we can say directly without committing a sin against the truth: all this was undreamed not only by our sages but even…

The picture is done by using the technology of sputter of mineral crumbs of Ural semi — precious stones. It is also incrusted with phianites, strasses and real pearl. The size of the picture 1220 Х 760 mm. The picture is in a frame under glass (the size of the frame 1430 Х 970 mm).

The information about this picture was spread by the international information agency ‘Reuters’ in approximately 25 countries of the world and in more than 40 top world mass media. There is also a letter with gratitude from Her Majesty Queen of Great Britain Elisabeth II connected with the picture..

     This Project has already been formed logically. And for successful realization of the Project on a world-wide basis it is really necessary to have active help and all-round participation of not only fervent Christians, but also of all other interested people. For whom the idea of our Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’ will immediately become so interesting and attractive so that they would like to support us actively.

To help this really unique, having no counterparts picture get deserved and appropriate place not just in Russia but all over the world.

Where exactly this new highly religious attitude offered by us in this picture will dominate, but not previous, which can be seen in other pictures about Adam and Eve — down-to-earth, spiritual, carnal.

Because all the Project due to its incredible and sensational importance for Christians as well as for big part of world society is doubtless expected to be quite glorious in achieving its application tasks and goal.

As all the outstanding masterpieces pictures or sculptures in general are valued not for their good looks, but mostly for the great ideas which are behind them.

So exactly this picture ‘Adam and Eve in heaven’ — ‘The Exaltation of God’ meets the requirements to the full extend.