The author’s description of the picture ‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — The Glorification of God’

This picture visually proclaims about blessed display of highly spiritual and inextricable connection between a person and God.

And according to everything which is offered to consider here in total accord with wisest and all merciful God’s purpose, we should see spiritually and understand that in this picture, as if in the hub of the universe, as a crown of creation of God,  there is exactly a person in the first place. Who was created by Him  ‘after the image and likeness of God’ (Gen 1:27) and called Adam.

And so, tributing the Bible inviolable fact, that to create a person The Lord took as a basis for the image and likeness Himself, we should bring all our notions about Adam and Eve into total compliance with it.

Because there isn’t and cannot be anything better and more worthy for a person than this circumstances, according to which he was created by God after His image and likeness!

As we have to fully understand now how great and beloved was a person for Him at that time, in comparison with all other God’s creatures, and also what is followed because of it.

Because no one else, but exactly they, a man and a woman, were put in a great fame by God to throne  at ‘the holy God’s mountain’ (Eze 28:14), as He does overlooking ‘the circle of earth’(Exo 40:22).

And, as we can see here, Adam and Eve, according to the high-souled state of their spirit, which fully corresponds their high position, on which they were put by the God, are depicted in the glorious vestment of kingly lords of Eden and all the earth made of satin.

And moreover these clothes are decorated with different precious germs, special gifts from God — talents of soul.

So Adam has clothes of skyblue colour as an evidence of original connection between a person, God and Heaven. As he, as an image of God and being close to Him by the electing, is a contributor and a representative of supreme forces in all subcelestial and all the earth.

And moreover Adam from the beginning had a heart appetence to his celestial homeland. Although his flesh was earthy, his spirit was celestial. Because the God ‘gave him’(Eccl 12:7) and put in a habitation ‘from materia’ (Job 4:19).

In Adam’s right hand there is a sovereign scepter and hi is rightly sitting on the raised in front of God throne — the seat of trusted disposer of the earth and everything which is in it.

On his head, as a symbol of special king’s power over all charges given by God, there is a golden crown — wreath, on the top of it, as a sign of future temptations and sufferings, there is a cross.

On Adam’s characterful and handsome face there is severity and worthy greatness of a wise sovereign, who knows exactly that he was appealed and who he is serving to.

As there was no power over him exept the power of the Lord. Because Adam was not just under immediate subordination of the God, but also was a sole trustee in God’s affairs and was His close friend.

And the presence of beard shows that Adam at that time was really wise and absolutely created ‘in ways’ (Eze 28:15), as he was not a boy, but a man.

And as he was a man not just by his age but also because he was a head of the family, he is tenderly holding by his left hand the right hand of corresponding to him wife, who is in ‘the submission’ (1Cor 14:34) of him, his main helper in all his right deals, who was hold Eve by him, who was given to him by God and who he trusted as himself.

And so, taking notice of Eve, we could see that in contrast with Adam, his wife is wearing emerald green clothes. In other words they have the colour of earth nature, as an evidence of the fact that she has always had more earthbound attitude to life, rather than her husband Adam. This, actually, became definite in all affairs as well as an intended purpose, because as it was said: ’she became a mother of all the beings’(Gen 3:22) on the earth.

And not differently but exactly in the rights of wife and a helper of the sovereign of Eden and all the earth Eve is sitting in equal status on the throne near Adam. On her head there is the same symbol of the king’s power crown — wreath.

And on her breast, as a symbol of feminity, love and innocent virginity, as well as her character, the red rose is depicted. As everybody knows that even such perfect flowers as roses have pins.

The right hand of Eve is in her husband Adam’s hand as a sign that she is absolutely obedient to her husband’s power over her and that she, being under his protection, fully gives herself to him. As Adam not just that time but during all their living together treated her ‘as the weaker vessel’ (1Pet 3:7), giving her honor and proper benevolence, exactly as it was commanded to him by God from the beginning.

And moreover turning of gracious figure and head of Eve towards Adam, and eyes fastened on him with love and respect, reveal that all her attention and ‘appeal’ (Gen 3:16) was addressed to the husband, and surely all her live belong to him and only him.

Because everything that she has, she has because of the legal and fellowheirship right of her husband, who was given it to by God. Upon that the lift hand of Eve is freely and sort of idly is resting on the elbow of her throne.

And once it happened that Eve , using her freedom and independence, being tempted by the serpent, on her cost shifted her gaze (of attention and obedience) from her husband, who is ‘the image and fame of God’ (1Cor 11:7) to the tree of good and evil. And, holding out the hand to it, she saw ‘that the tree is good for food, pleasant for eyes, and desirable, because it gives knowledge; and took its fruit and was eating them, and also gave them to her husband and he was eating’ (Gen 3:6).

And as a result of it the great tragedy happened to Adam and Eve, and great changes with them and inside them came. And due to it they lost everything, we we can see now in the picture.

As they were exiled with disgrace from the God’s mountain to the ground, and their fall was great. And they heard similar words of the verdict for the sin they did from the Lord : ‘make up your mind to it, sit lower as the crown of your fame fell down from you’ (Jer 13:18). So it really happened to them afterwards, but before, as we can see them here, they were sitting on their thrones in the fame giving to them by God on the top of the holy mountain in the Eden garden.

So near Adam on his right hand side, there is the Tree of Life, fruit, giving eternal life, are depicted on it. As three fruit of the Tree of Life symbolize Holy Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

And also near Eve, on her left hand side ‘the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil’ (Gen 2:17) is growing. Which, in spite of its sort of predatory curve and presence of sharp pins, it is incredibly beautiful and pleasant for eyes and desirable. And more over only two fruit are there, as a number of those who tempted, reserved from God, taste these fruit.

This holy God’s mountain (Eden) is decorated with different exotic flowers and placers of precious and ‘flame-coloured stones’ (Eze 28:14). It is sort of floating above the ground, having spiritual footstep in the form of a cloud, situated all over the bottom of the holy mountain.

So, the spiritual importance of this truly holy mountain is so big, that it is much higher not only all mountains in the world, but also higher than all the observed stars in the sky.

But also this holy mountain has particular connection with the ground in the form of a narrow stairs, going down. The bottom side of it stops at the ground and the top touches the footstep of the holy mountain. As it is exactly that ‘way’ (Mf 7:14), which a few people know about, on which Adam and Eve went down to the ground for cultivating and managing and back to Eden. And a cherub, put there by God’ has been blocking this way from ancient times to nowadays ‘and is using flaming sword to protect the way to the Tree of Life’ (Gen 3:24).

And above the peaceful idyll of Adam and Eve staying in the Eden heaven there is the God Himself. He has overspread His arms over all this world in a blessing gesture, as ‘the God saw everything what He had created, and it was rather good’ (Gen 1:31).

And also here there is a rainbow, as a symbol of fame and greatness of God, and a sign of what is said in Bible: ‘I put My rainbow in a cloud, to make it a sign of dispensation between Me and the earth’ (Gen 9:13).

And also we can see here the God’s Spirit, which is flying down as a pigeon to Adam and Eve’s joined hands. As the God from olden times blesses and sanctifies matrimony between a man and a woman by His charism, to unite them in holy matrimony.

As exactly in this context it was said by our Lord Jesus Christ: ‘In the beginning of creation God made a man and a woman. That is why a person should leave their father and mother and cleave unto wife, and let they be united flesh; as they are not two, but single flesh. So then, what was united by God, let not be separated by a person’ (Mk 10:6-9).

In this way, when Adam and Eve, being clear by their hearts, claimed to the God and followed His commandments and prescripts, they were united with Him, a holy triangle raising them to Him, the base of which was they and the vertex was the God.

But further, after they turned from His commandments to something, what was indoctrinated to them by the artful seducer, so they formed the other triangle, which threw Adam and Eve down from the blessed heaven to the sinful earth.

So, exactly this way they suffered of the fact that they themselves ruined ‘the wall’ (Eccl 10:8) of God, which was surely separated them from all the temptations of this world, which were the creations of the spirit of the evil serpent.

And resulting from it, we should say here, that at the same time when it happened to them, Eve herself were much less disappointed and worried less about losing the heaven, then her husband and our ancestor Adam.

As she, consoling crying about the heaven Adam, mourning first of all about his close friendship with the God, was telling him roughly this: ‘ do you still love the God so much that cannot withdraw the heaven and forget Him? But we can live on the earth and without what we previously had in heaven given by God.’

And her such behavior was a continuation of a situation, Eve even before, in spite of her such high position, was not so sure in faith and love to God. And that is why she turned rather capable to fall because of the temptation of the spirit of crafty evil serpent and. as a result, to neglect the forbidden word told by Him.

So, exactly from that time, as it happens in the side of inborn inheritance from parents to children, all human sons are separated into two type till now.

Into those, who have ancestral memory about their celestial homeland (heaven), taking it from Adam’s line, and have inexplicable sadness in their hearts and special attraction to the God and Heaven.

And also into those, who inherited it from Eve, although they listen to the word about God, ‘but, withdrawing, they are put down by worries, wealth and earthy pleasures’ (Lk 8:14).

But also, except these two types there are also those who are ‘of the Devil’ (1Jn 3:12), for whom all it is not just absolutely indifferent, but sometimes they are even glowering towards the God and heaven.

And that is why in the bottom of the picture, according to the God’s original organization, in an appropriate place, as we all have to know and understand, there is the earth and this world.

And in the same place, in the foreground, there is that, in whom from the beginning of his creation the spirit of that who would be said about; ‘great dragon, old serpent, called the Devil and Satan’ (Rev 12:9) dwells in an image of a duke of this world.

And in the beginning that was said about him in the Bible: ‘ the serpent was more cunning than all the field animals, which were created by the God’ (Gen 3:1).

So as all the God’s creatures are different in their appearance, as each of them has its ‘body’ (1Cor 15:38) in which its personal spirit lives.

And that is why we should know and understand, that the God firstly created the body of the serpent, and then settled there its spirit, which further, by its affair, became the Devil and Satan. And so, this serpent was more cunning than all ‘the field’ (Gen 3:1) animals — read world, is depicted here in the field, as in this case ‘field is a world’ (Mf 13:38), in an image of creeping animal, having black wings.

These wings show that he is able in his spirit for haughty arrogance over those, who he hates.

As all this image speaks for itself, that he is cunning enough and incredibly insidious. And also exactly he is an absolute personification and master of the world of darkness, as halfmoon sign shows.

He himself is ‘a liar and the father of lie’ (Jn 8:44), to make this fact understandable, it is depicted that the serpent has a long fork tongue. As he, in the most crafty way, lied to Eve that they would not have died, if they had broken the God’s commandment, and by this he carried them off to death.

It happened, that Eve, being under tempting illusion of the serpent, could find the right approach to her husband Adam, and managed to persuade him in such fantastic lies.

Because he, always trusting her, to his cost believed his wife in what was not from God, but from crafty spirit.

As she, in a tone that brooked no contradiction, was insistently convincing his husband the desire to taste forbidden fruit, and was telling him: ‘look, I was eating — and every this is fine, I am alive, so the serpent told the truth: ‘No, you won’t die, but God knows that the day you taste them, your eyes will open and you will be like gods, learned the good and the evil’ (Gen 3:4,5).

And not to upset or offend his beloved wife, Adam. in spite the fact that it was against his inner conviction, anyway climbed down her desire and agreed to take fruit from the Tree of Knowing the good and evil, which she offered him, ‘and he was eating’ (Gen 3:6).

And in this way, this result happened, when the head of the household and kingly sovereign of Eden let his wife ‘teach’ (1Ti 2:12) him, especially what is ‘forbidden’ (Tit 1:11).

As his wife by that time began to dominate over her husband in down-to earth questions. And as a result Adam’s wife did what the serpent could not do with him, because: ‘not Adam was tempted, but his wife, tempting, committed a crime’ (1Ti 2:14).

Due to this fact, we have today directly, that the main reason which motivated the spirit of darkness to begin scheme against Adam and Eve was envy of glorious perfectness and superiority of a man over him. The motivation of these actions was in his intention to return his previous self conceit about his power and primacy in the world, which he had before Adam. As the duke of this world did not want to accept king’s power of Adam over him.

And as a result of it the old serpent secretly in his heart was against of God’s ‘establishment’  (Rom 13:2) about Adam, who was not just put by Him to be the overlord over all creatures in the earth, but also moved someone, who considered himself being the first, to the secondary roles.

However, at that time he did not begin to rebel against more superior Adam frankly, but with the help of craft and cunning achieved his victory over Adam.

And the serpent needed it also to be able to tell about himself with the proud arrogance of a boaster, to the Son of God: ‘I’ll give you the power over all kingdoms as well as their fame, as it was given to me and I give it to anybody I want’ (Lk 4:6).

Because before kingly Adam appeared, the serpent considered himself as the first over everybody in everything in this subcelestial world. So when he first saw Adam and knew that he was made a sovereign by the God, he immediately envied hard to all Adams accomplishments, which were given to a person by God.

And that is why the serpent, as we can see it here in the picture, is looking with envy to Adam and Eve, but in his heart secretly is scheming against them . As the serpent was not afraid of God at that time, and did not respect kingly Adam. And he was not afraid of God because had not known Him by his heart, being in the darkness.

And with that, this serpent, having no rest neither at night nor during the day, wrrigling because of his black thoughts against Adam flurrying his heart, bended here in a sort of sign of integral. Which, by the way, shows that in all further deals this spirit of the darkness behaved himself in such a way, that his heart, of itself, finally turned into endless evil, where there is no end and no beginning.

So when he was just intending to act directly against Adam, at that time God was near a person, and as a result the serpent could not do any harm to him. In which case this tempting spirit of the darkness and the duke of the world began to find the opportunity to kill the kingly sovereign of Eden and all the earth trough his wife. And soon he achieved his goal, reducing to fall someone, who was incomparably more superior and higher than him, who he envied hart in due time.

And that is why, when the serpent saw Adam who had lost fame and greatness and was exiled from Eden heaven, who was the image and likeness of the God, his black arrogance raised to a huge extend. So he came to such top of madness, that in claims of his wicked heart he began to raise himself even to the holy heights of unfamiliar to him Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore common and whorish teaching appeared that that spirit of the darkness, which was firstly known in an image of the old serpent, called the Devil or Satan was in former times the first and excellent Angel of God.

As in fact this spirit originally not being the Angel of light, has never been to the Eden heaven, on the God’s mountain and all the more where ‘in unapproachable light’ (1Tim 6:16) the Lord God Himself lives with the holy Angels of His power.

And in such a way, we cannot just see in this picture, but also know and understand by heart, how more superior Adam and Eve were in their original correspondence to the kingly sovereigns of Eden and all the earth comparing to the old serpent, which is the duke of this world.

And this greatness was not their own, as if they had it because of their arrogance, but it was given to them by God. So, obviously, because of this difference between the serpent and Adam and Eve, he envied them and got really angry.

Because of it the confessional. thinnest, sophisticating spiritual world of the Eden heaven was presented for the limelight.

Until nowadays  a lot of Adam and Eve’s descendants ‘hardly hear with their ears, closed eyes together, and do not see by the eyes, do not hear by the ears and do not understand by heart’ (Is 6:10) about the real idea of it. And it’s exactly what is happening to them because that they are not able about the spiritual «judged spiritually» (1Cor 2:14).

In what forms such inability for spiritual understanding among humans can appear — is researched and explained in my book ‘Who we are, — the children of Adam or inheritors of Ham?’.

And we should show it as an example of how all world art, intended to traverse the Bible topic about Adam and Eve to solve important tasks, became unable to  reveal and estimate it spiritually and righteously.