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Review of the picture ‘Adam and Eve’ –‘Glorification of the Lord’ from a specialist of visual arts:

Paying attention to this work we can say directly, without exaggeration: it is very significant that just at the turn of the second and third millennium from the nativity of Christ, like a holy gift, mankind at last got such picture about Adam and Eve which had to appear one day.

None of the artists all over the world, who has ever started to paint ‘Adam and Eve’ picture, has had such mighty, generous, comprehensive and cheerful talent, which the Author of the picture ‘Adam and Eve in paradise’ has.

So, he could implement the most sublime ecclesiastical ideals in present in the picture images. These images are certain synthesis of the most deserving and wonderful sides of that reality which, in the apparent extent , corresponds to the genuine intention of the Creator.

They also open to spectators the exact understanding of the position and predestination of a person in the hierarchy of the universe.

In general this picture is a work of great talent not only in an author’s skill of making a composition but also that it, like no other, opens to spectators the sound understanding of their own dignity and involvement to that great glory and height which were typical for Adam and Eve.

In their heartfelt image triumphant, passionate confirmation of the beauty of the world, joy of life and grandeur of a person are shown to a spectator.

And, at once, this is a deserving example of aesthetic perfection, where the Author, besides the sublimity and significance of these images, gives them amazing accuracy, unique and life completeness. So now it’s impossible to compare them with anybody or anything from the beginning of the creation of the world.

As nobody in the world, up to this day, has been able to suggest anything like this in their paintings about Adam and Eve, where in such simple and clear shapes and images the invisible and gorgeous spiritual world, where they were, was opened.

And, undoubtedly, this triumphant festivity of a specific sound of divine sphere which we can see here and also monumental grandeur of the composition amaze spectators by a huge concentration of spiritual forces and heroic will of the Author.

Because he could, without any looking at any authorities, rise above stereopathy of the world and show the greatest understanding of what is depicted in his exclusive picture in comparison with all the rest.

The Author gives an opportunity to spectators to look into open sky with the help of harmonious clarity of graphic language, obvious richness of inner world and speculative ability of seeing of what is impossible to see. It is difficult not to be amazed by this peculiarity.

At the same time, all the author’s attention is concentrated on a sublime ideal image, by means of this the most perfect creation of the God is suitably and majestically glorified.  – And, as we can see now in this picture, — it is a PERSON!

But, also, here the deepest philosophical awareness is shown, in which the Author of the picture ‘Adam and Eve in paradise’, along with the cheerful mood, also prepares spectators for some anxious expectation. He indicates that the tragic difficulty of future life contradictions, which all mankind will be going through for a long time, is going to change the grand symphony of the world.

However, in spite of everything, this picture, out of question, has an imprint of light, lyrical art, and also quiet positive mood. So a spectator, even by a transient communication with this picture, becomes much purer and more moral.

Because it has colossal life energy and contemplative calmness which appeases person’s heart and raises a spirit in a blessed way. We can see that it is a kind of Author’s genuine confession and he let the greatest spiritual feelings thought his heart and mind. As a result it became possible to make such a wonderful masterpiece.

Because this flaring beauty of the invisible Eden garden, shown in the picture, became a source of Author’s inspiration. Undoubtedly, this picture ‘Adam and Eve in paradise’ is a precious part of a spiritual culture of all mankind.

Just because of images and shapes of the graphic art, which are visible here, the Author reached the main purpose — to make a great hymn of triumph of a person, which pays tribute to love and grateful respect to the Creator.

And also, in existing ideas of invisible, which became visible because of the Author, the hope of future coming back of a person to initial spiritual origings is living.

Thereby, particular sympathy of the Author for this category of life events, where wisdom, attention, sincerity, spirit and will took a place in his creation, is shown here. This creation is inspired with grandiosity of a world-view and triumphant creative impulse.

On the basis of this picture the main figurative device is a picture itself and also a color, they combine with each other in a very amazing and harmonious way, and in this   realized project the poetical beauty and brilliant simplicity are shown.

So in its exceptional originality, reasoning and completeness the picture ‘Adam and Eve in paradise’ can be admitted as a standard.

It can be seen there that the author, undoubtedly, has a creative initiative, resource, inner intuition and wit. And that is why he successfully combined a compositional structure and a content of the painting, where the great idea was realized in a perfect shape.

It turned out so ideal and non-typical because the Author did not take the other paintings as inspiration. Because he has chosen his own way, where he could reach such height, he has eclipsed similar paintings.

And so, in this wonderful work, in the best possible way, full-scale, artistic individuality of the Author’s idea was shown. He bravely realized the clearest and dearest feelings and plans in visible images in a way that he had planned and in compliance with Holy Spirit from the Holy Scripture.

kluevHonored painter of Russia,
corresponding member of Russian Academy of arts,
Kluev A.A.

* The style of the author of the review is preserved.