Author’s note

01So, everything that I have to say and to offer for discussion to all Christian world is fully shown in this very project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’.

And I cannot imagine for myself more important goal in my life than this one, which has to be solved only with the active help of all the Christians so that we could come through this ‘course’ (Mf 5:41) worthy.

The painting ‘The Glorification of God’, which I represent, by all its appearance and content takes especially important place in this case.

And also the same spiritually important goal is connected with the necessity of changing the wrong images of the holy Angels of God and about Kingdom of Heaven, that in fact were guilty in the beginning if sin.

Because all the holy Angels and the Kingdom of Heaven at first are beside the point!!! Since Angels of the Lord as well as the Kingdom of Heaven do not have anything in common with sin and ‘lawlessness’ (2Cor 6:14).

And to understand this we have to accept the real declaration about them ‘pattern of thoughts of the righteous’ (Lk 1:17). It means that the Kingdom of Heaven has never been divided initially among its residents into good and bad ones.

And we have to do this to change current Bible interpretation about highly spiritual and important things, in which all the Christian theology  has eluded from the truth.

Because all the injustice in relation to the holy family of the Angels of the Lord and the Kingdom of Heaven cannot but insult feelings of religious Christians.

In this regard I hope that in this important and glorious fight between good and evil nobody of religious Christians stay on the side of century dalai about Satan as  he was the Angel of light, which exists from the ancient times.

Because this confirmation about him, beyond all doubt, is human lie and Satan’s untruth, because it fully contradicts the Spirit ant the truth of the holy New Testament.

And that is why I encourage all Christians: be sensible and watchful!

So that, in the result, according to our choice, no person or even a holy Angel from the Heaven could say to blame us: ‘nobody rises a voice for the truth, and nobody intercede the realness’ (Is 59:4).

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