‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — ‘The Glorification of God’

  • Abstract
  • The pictute

In such truly glorious image they are presented her, 

as ‘an image of the future’ (Rom 5:14), in their original time 

of worthy being from the creation. 

The plot of this picture is created by my 

according to the true basis of the books of Holy Scriptures, 

exactly the book ‘Genesis’ (Gen 1:27, 28) 

and the book of ‘the prophet Ezekiel’ (Eze 28:12-15) 

— where confessionally, in the image of the king Tyrian, it was said about Adam; ‘you are a stamp of perfectness, fullness of wisdom and the crown of beauty. 

You stayed in Eden, God’s garden; your clothes were decorated 

with different precious germs; … (Eze 28:12-15).

Here we can see their spiritual gist  of their previous times, 

which was unseen before by sieges and books 

‘of this world’ (1Cor 1:20) and incomprehensible for understanding, 

which was given to them by God in His 

great intention about original dignity and purpose of a person, 

created Him ‘in the image and likeness of the God’ (Gen 1:27).

So Adam is truly ‘the image and fame of God’; 

and his wife is husband’s fame’ (1Cor 11: 7). 

There was no such important and valuable by Him creation 

as Adam among all visible and invisible creations in front of the God 

— Who is ‘The King of kings and the Lord of lords»(1Tim 6:15) 

as He created him ‘right’ (Eccl 7:29) 

and made him as ‘the image of His eternal being’ (Wis 2:23)!

So in this way we have to know about Adam that, 

in serving to the holy Angels, being equal to the heaven cherubs, 

he was anointed to be God’s vicar, becoming the kingly  

sovereign of Eden  ‘and all the earth’ (Gen 1:26), 

having such wonderful clothes of soul.

As God’ ‘climaxed him with the fame and honor, 

put him to be the sovereign of the affairs of your hands, 

put everything to his feet’ (Ps 8:6,7).

Because in no one else , but exactly in Adam God greatly 

revealed the God’s Gist of Himself. 

And according to this was said by the wisdom: 

‘ higher than all living — is Adam’ (Sir 49:18)!

Adam and Eve are also a prototype of the first 

Church of Christ in the earth,  as it said:

‘ where two or three are together to honor Me, 

I am there  among them’ (Mf 18:20).

 Адам и Ева в раю(осветлённая)