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Who is who…

«All unrighteousness is sin» (1Jn 5:17)

Adam — as all-good God’s intention — is the beginning of all the mankind!

The painting ‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — ‘Glorification of God’ was created by me as a record for the world about great fame of the God and a person.

And I also would like to emphasize, that this picture fully corresponds to what was said about Adam by the Holy Spirit in the Bible of the prophet Ezekiel in the 28th chapter in the image of King of Tyre by its appearance and inner contest.

And it is absolutely unlike the way all the world Christian theology has falsely assumed from the ancient times that the prophet Ezekiel in the image of the King of Tyre said about the devil and Satan and that he has never been a real Angel of light and was in the Kingdom of Heaven. But we have to say directly that he has never been an Angel of light and that is why has never been to the Kingdom of Heaven. Because in fact he even was not an Angel.

Because the devil and Satan in actual fact was old serpent from the beginning of his being, is the same now and will stay forever.

If the old serpent, ‘which is the Devil and Satan’ (Rev 20:2)  had been a real holy man, he would never have sinned, and would not have separated from holy people and would not have been fighting against them.

But because the Devil has really ‘sinned’(1Jn 3:8) it ‘showed’ (1Jn 2:19)  that he has never been a holy man, and was not friendly to the holy. And as a result he has never been in the Kingdom of Heaven, and could not have been there.

As it was that the holy Archangel Michael and his Angels in the war (Rev 12:7) that happened in Heaven did not drive out lawbreaker Satan and his angels from the Kingdom of Heaven, because the holy did not let the wicked to come.

Therefore in the barbarism of Satan he without realizing what he was claiming for, did not realize what he had not got.

Consequently everything that is written in Bible is true! However, because of misinterpretation of Bible sweet and eulogistic lie about the Devil and Satan, which because of human unreason illegally places him upon a pedestal of an Angel of light,  dominates in the world.

And obvious confirmation of this in the world is that there are such statues and monuments of Satan in Spain (Madrid), where he is shown in an image of an angel. All these statues are the direct indication to the version, which contradicts the truth, that Satan was before a real Angel of light.

So, for instance, the holy Apostles of Christ  could not even imagine that one day the truth about the Angels of God as well as about the Kingdom of Heaven would be humiliated and distorted to such extend. That the Devil and Satan would be glorified and raised, considering him as an ex real holy Angel in the Kingdom of Heaven, which absolutely does not correlate to his real state.

As we, without noticing and understanding how and when it had happened, accepted in strayed confession absolutely not what had been told us about the holy Angels of God and about the glory greatness of the Kingdom of Heaven, which had never separated by ‘itself’(Mt 12:25), by the holy Apostles of God.

And that is why, according to the holy Apostle Paul, ‘let the anathema be’ (Gal 1:8) to all such delusions in the world, which are at odds the spiritual concept, which was given by the holy, ‘movable’ (2Pet 1:21) by the God’s truth and the Holy Spirit.

Because otherwise without righting in our heretical philosophizing and delusions, we will become an adversary of the God, making ‘blasphemy’ (Lk 12:10) to His Holy Spirit by rejecting and denying of what had been told about it by all Holy Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And in this case nobody could tell the God to excuse themselves: ‘ we did not know’, because they would not have ‘excuses’ (Jn 15:22) for their particular delusions.

And because of this, in same way as the old serpent was ‘relegated’ (Rev 12:9) from the Heaven by the Angels of light for his lawless pretensions to the holy highs, we have to relegate absolutely heretical beliefs about the Devil and Satan as an ex Angel of light from human minds and theological legendary.

As by this irrational interpretation of the Devil and Satan as an ex real Angel of light destroys the eternally inviolable divine principle of the holy standing on the truth, by the idea that real holy Angels in the Kingdom of Heaven could sin at one time.

And moreover in addition to the above even truly light and clean spiritual symbols and images, which by their appearance and spirit are the reflections of the holy and men of God, such as glorious image of the morning sun seeable in the sky, were unknowingly, by unreason or designs  attached to the devil by theologians of this world, and this fact gave them to serve him.

And due to this they irresponsibly turned over holy Apostles’ state principle ‘what is the communication between goodness and lawlessness? What does the light have in common with the darkness?’ (2Cor 6:14) — so they combined what cannot be combined and join what cannot be joined in defiance of the holy men.

However, as well as God knows about it, all the Angels of light know it, so we also have to know in understand that the holy men are not able to sin.

And that is why I again and again, appealing to sensible and religious Christians, will claim that the Devil and Satan has never been the real Angel of God. Except those cases based only on the efforts of glorification of Satan by himself — when he, to charm all those who see him, takes strange and no relevant for him ‘image of the Angel of light’ (2Cor 11:14).

As the Devil, taking the image of the Angel of light, seduces all this world by pretending that he has been  an Angel of light from the beginning, stays the same now and will be the same forever. And that he is a nice friend in this image of an Angel for all mankind, but not an evil enemy.

And sadly to admit this, but we know about it and understand that the Devil and Satan could do it and people not confirmed in truth began to ‘revere’ the Devil and Satan as an ex real Angel of light.

So Satan continues doing the same now to hoodwink new people and those who are already mistaken to confirm in it more..

Because not only Christian, but also the theology of other religions in their declared notions about Satan consider him as an ex the lightest, the highest and the closest to the God Angel of light in the Kingdom of Heaven from the ancient time.

And that is why exactly in this important theological question all world come round the truth.

However, as a result of this, we can say directly that nowadays everything is not so hopeless, because now it is time to change and to come to the truth for everybody who is mistaken.

As here, without false modesty and proud praise, we have to admit that during all the history of Christianity, from the postapostles time to nowadays, exactly your obedient servant is a person in the world whose mission is not just to know the truth by himself, but to give it to everybody with the help of God.

And in this case there is nothing unnatural or unreal, as it has always been the case, that the God does not send thousands of people to turn one single person who has deviated ‘from the truth’ (Jam 5:19) to the veracity, but sends one to turn thousands.

And to solve this case successfully we should to bespeak the secure attention and active participation in this Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’ of not just religious Christians but also representatives of other religions

For many of ~ 2,5 bil. of Christians it will be a perfect opportunity to approve themselves worthy and greatly in front of God and His holy Angels. Because the God appeals His ‘select’ (Mf 20:16) to do it.

As it is necessary to do it to give an opportunity for the God’s truth to triumph over human delusions and thus to throw down  really heretical doctrinal statement about the Devil and Satan as an ex Angel of light, which was raised to the power of  a dogmatic theology, out of human minds and theological statements.

     And by doing this, exactly as it is said in Bible ‘let human sons know about Your power and about the great dignity of Your kingdom’ (Ps 144:12).

     As this notable deal will be a true evidence of us as God’s children, but not children of the Devil and Satan, and moreover our names are written in the heaven.

And that is why we will not execute ‘cravings’ (In 8:44) of the devil —  man killer, adulatory thinking of him as about an ex Angel of light in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Because by correcting the false notions we will put the Devil to shame, getting free from his net, and as a result we will achieve glorious and notable spiritual victory on him.

As for Christians it will truly be spiritual, sacred struggle ‘not against flesh and blood’ (Eph 6:12), but for reconstruction of the justice of heaven towards permanent fame and honor of the holy as well as of the Kingdom of Heaven.

To make it as beheld on earth exactly as it has been beheld from the beginning in the heaven.

In such a manner, depending on who of them will choose something or other, for or against, everything will be on their conscience and will show their ability or inability of differentiation the good and evil. And also on whose side they want to stay be until the end either on the side of the truth and veracity of God or on the side of the Devi’s lie.

Because, out of any doubt, the Lord wants it, and He appeals all of us to choose His truth not because of violent compulsion, but only of our own will so that in all time ‘council of God happens in electing’ (Rom 9:11).

As the quotation here is to stop undeservedly and lawlessly idealizing and praising the Devil and Satan as an ex the lightest Angel in the Kingdom of Heaven by the accomplishments, belonged only to Adam, referring to the book of the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 28, as if it was said there about Satan and his first time.

As exactly through such misunderstanding of the idea and spirit of the Holy Writ whorish and utter heresy was raised to the extent of the Christian dogmatic creedal theology.

So all the questions in this topic did not stagger in the world, but in spite of it they were actual even thousand years ago, as well as they are actual nowadays and will be as actual in thousand years, if we do not solve them today.

Because it is our saint dept to the God and His truth  to change, at least, false interpretations and notions into true ones.

And these changings have to be done in Bible dictionaries, Bible encyclopedias, in dogmatic theology and theological textbooks, and also in the other different information sources.

And we have to do it proceeding from the fact that the most important idea of this case was vested of the proof mystery from the understanding of world theologists from ancient times to our days.

For whom the holy truth of the Heaven that the Kingdom of Heaven has never been separated among its residents into good and evil stays as unknown secret.

And also in the Kingdom of Heaven it could never happen that one part of Angels of light stayed eternal and faithful to God, and the other part of Angels of light, with the lightest, the highest, the most powerful and the closest to the God one at the head, became angry demons and devils. As it would contradict what has been said: ‘ if the kingdom separates in itself, this kingdom cannot stand’ (Mr 3:24).

And, as we know, the Kingdom of Heaven is a holy and perfect ideal in everything as an example for all mankind!

And, at least, such time came, that all the mysterious will become out, as it was said : ‘the fame of God — to endue a case in mystery, and the fame of kings — to explore the case’ (Prov 25:2).

So to do it we have to appeal to all world Christian community and to the highest Bishops of the Christian churches. And also to the Queen of Great Britain and all the other royal households of Europe.

In other words to all different leadership and other representatives of so-called ‘blue blood’ with the appeal to study out these questions in wide discussions and, for sure, at convocations of Christian churches.

With the intention to prove and persuade all Christian world, at least, in a question behind which there is so much — that ‘the great dragon, old serpent, called the Devil and Satan’ (Rev 12:9) has never been a real Angel of light, and moreover, he has never seen the Kingdom of Heaven.

To make this really holy case to be not just a tempest in a tea cup, but to get the extent of world tsunami.

to help this Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’ get in the world history of Christianity.

As the super goal and positive aim of author’s intention about the Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’.

In relation to this we should remember and cite as an example the words which we once said by the great philosopher, Roman Emperor Aurelius Marc: ‘ a person costs as much as how much the aim which he strives costs’.

And also, without placing the blame for it to other Christian peoples, because the God is the only one and the faith is the only one, we have to emphasize worthy that this Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’ giving especially important goals and significant spiritual values, not occasionally, by good council of God, as a light of the morning sunrise, is rising exactly in Russia.

To present the great and glorious triumph of the victory of light over darkness and God’s truth against human delusions and notorious Devil’s lie.

And to do it religious Christians truly should conceive and treat the Kingdom of Heaven like this: ‘let all Your deals praise You, the Lord; let they preach the fame of Your kingdom, let they tell about Your power to make people know about Your power and glorious greatness of Your kingdom’ (Ps 144:10-12)!!!


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