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Адам и Ева в раю(осветлённая)

The picture ‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — ‘The Glorification of God’ is a visual image of the real idea of the Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’.

In this occurs the most important ideological and spiritual mission of this picture, by its all essence, is to glorify and praise the God for all the mankind worthy and appreciative.

So it involves special spiritual idea and really high potential, which gives a possibility to rise above their rather low in quality thinking about this serious and incredibly spiritual things.

These things are directly linked with the essential glorification of God as well as a person — who is the reflection of God’s fame from the beginning of creation. That is why it will be an affair of honor and fame, because by glorifying Adam worthy we glorify and praise the Lord who created Adam ‘after the image and likeness of God’(Gen 1:27).

And to glorify the God worthy we should place a premium not on the sin of our Ancestor Adam and trot out not his being naked in pictures about him, but the fact that the God nobly expressed the divine essence of Himself exactly in Adam.

Because in spiritual plot about Adam and Eve the fact that ‘they both were naked’ (Gen 2:25) is not the most important and fundamental, but truly the most important and fundamental is what the God says about Adam ‘you are the seal of perfection, fullness of wisdom and glory of beauty. You were in Eden in God’s garden: your clothes were jeweled…’ (Eze 28:12-15).

So because of this, naturally, a serious necessity to achieve by joint efforts of all Christians the changing of canons of depicting of Adam and Eve. When in the world not their carnal nudity is ‘glorified’ and depicted in pictures, but original spiritual greatness if the image and likeness of the God. Since truly it was said ‘living in flesh think about carnal things, living by spirit — about spiritual’ (Rom 8:5).

As this has to become our panhuman expressing of true and absolute acknowledgement that God does not have the same love, unity and solicitude to any of His creations as for a PERSON, which He has against all the odds from the beginning of the creation.

And in the same way that Adam at one time in the beginning being the image and likeness of the God, as an anointed cherub was aimed by the God to ‘shade’(Eze 28:14) primeval world by his incomparable fame and perfectness, this picture ‘The Glorification of God’ being a worthy reflection of the great fame of the God and a person, is destined to shade this world.

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«All unrighteousness is sin» (1Jn 5:17)

Adam — as all-good God’s intention — is the beginning of all the mankind!

The painting ‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — ‘Glorification of God’ was created by me as a record for the world about great fame of the God and a person.

And I also would like to emphasize, that this picture fully corresponds to what was said about Adam by the Holy Spirit in the Bible of the prophet Ezekiel in the 28th chapter in the image of King of Tyre by its appearance and inner contest.

And it is absolutely unlike the way all the world Christian theology has falsely assumed from the ancient times that the prophet Ezekiel in the image of the King of Tyre said about the devil and Satan and that he has never been a real Angel of light and was in the Kingdom of Heaven. But we have to say directly that he has never been an Angel of light and that is why has never been to the Kingdom of Heaven. Because in fact he even was not an Angel.

Because the devil and Satan in actual fact was old serpent from the beginning of his being, is the same now and will stay forever.

If the old serpent, ‘which is the Devil and Satan’ (Rev 20:2)  had been a real holy man, he would never have sinned, and would not have separated from holy people and would not have been fighting against them.

But because the Devil has really ‘sinned’(1Jn 3:8) it ‘showed’ (1Jn 2:19)  that he has never been a holy man, and was not friendly to the holy. And as a result he has never been in the Kingdom of Heaven, and could not have been there.

As it was that the holy Archangel Michael and his Angels in the war (Rev 12:7) that happened in Heaven did not drive out lawbreaker Satan and his angels from the Kingdom of Heaven, because the holy did not let the wicked to come.

Therefore in the barbarism of Satan he without realizing what he was claiming for, did not realize what he had not got.

Consequently everything that is written in Bible is true! However, because of misinterpretation of Bible sweet and eulogistic lie about the Devil and Satan, which because of human unreason illegally places him upon a pedestal of an Angel of light,  dominates in the world. (Show…)

Our long-distance friendship with Her Majesty Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II happened because we wanted to present the picture ‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — ‘The Glorification of God’ to the Queen.

The main aim of this intention from our side was to discuss the most important theological questions, which are denoted in our Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’ also with the help of the Queen. Since there are good reasons why it was said in Bible: ‘the fame of God is to vest a thing to mystery, but the fame of kings is to investigate the thing’ (Prov 25:2).


As we realize the British Royal Household — the most ancient, the most powerful and the most affluent from all existing now royal dynasties. — Exactly British monarchy — bulwark and carrier of centuries-long traditions of our modern civilization, which is based on the values of Christianity. The presidential state is very young comparing with the institution of monarchy. So that is why who else but the British monarch this picture, which is the philosophical message to the Christian world and at the same time gratitude to the God, could be addressed. And Queen Elizabeth II is not just the head of the state, but also the head of the Anglican Church. And withal all the other titles, there is one of them, which tells that she is also ‘a defender of the faith’ — Christian faith.

We received two official letters from the  Palace . In one of them there was gratitude from the Queen and the explanation why she cannot accept the picture as a present because of protocol. It was said in this letter that ‘the Queen cannot accept presents if they are not connected with one of her official working pattern or protocol obligations’. But it should be noted that The Queen highly appreciate the author’s idea of the picture ‘The Glorification of God’.

However, we are sure that the Queen with other high officials of the world and also major bishops of all Christian churches will play her positive role in the further development of the Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’ because of the importance of the topic and tasks.

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Targeted audience of our Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’ in countries with the major number of Christians:

Christians 2 ≈ ,5 bln. of people in the world

Orthodox ≈  300 mln 110 of them are from Russia and about 200 mln. of Orthodox Christians in the other world.

Catholics ≈ 1,5 bln. in most European countries:

France, Spain, Italy, German, Portugal, Poland…

Christians in other countries:

The USA  ≈ 230 mln.

Brazil ≈  140 mln.

Mexico ≈ 100 mln.

Philippines ≈ 75 mln.

Argentina ≈ 35 mln.

And to direct all the motivated Christians to take part in giving all-round help for successful solving of all the tasks connected with the Project ‘THE TRUTH OF HEAVEN’ we should awaken and fire sincere spiritual eagerness to the God in souls.

And in such a case we should convert their religious, ethical feelings to pay worthy attention on our picture ‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — ‘The Glorification of God’ because the beauty of God, spiritual beauty is behind its external, physical beauty. To let them fully estimate and compare it with the other pictures of Adam and Eve in the world, the idea and appearance of which, in contrast of our picture, is absolutely not relevant highly spiritual perception.

Because the main cognizable and specific principal in the approach of absolutely all artists in the world in painting pictures about Adam and Eve is permanently connected with the depicting them being naked.

So it is just ‘carnal’ (Rom 9:8)  people, who always talk about everything «the world» (1Jn 4:5) and who do not have any capacity to estimate spiritual things spiritually, depict Adam and Eve naked on the basis of what was said in Bible about them ‘ they were both naked’ (Gen 2:25) — and the world accepts all this pictures with enthusiasm.

And in such a case nobody of them even let the full commandment of God in their mind and heart ‘ do not show the nudity of your mother and father’ (Lev 18:7). Which was given by God to sons of Man not for that they could let themselves laugh at it and keep it from time to time or absolutely annul as useless one.

In such a case we should remind that the first who from after flood times neglected the honor of the father and sarcastically splurged his nudity in front of brothers was ‘Ham’ (Gen 9:22).


So, only if we really are those who we have to be — wise Adam’s children, but not silly heritors of Bible Ham, we cannot do it!

And the most relevant example of obviously irresponsible attitude to the God’s taboo to show the nudity of parents is a well-known fresco painting ‘The Fall’ by famous Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.

So this obviously great and unexcelled ‘expert’ in Bible could read and remember about Adam and Eve only three words ‘they were both naked’ (Gen 2:25) — but about God’s commandment ‘do not reveal the nudity of your mother and father’(Lev 18:7) he, evidently, did not read.

And based on it he let himself to such extend blasphemous and without any love to them, with obvious self of delusion of grandeur and superiority over Adam and Eve, depict them exactly in such a way. Where they are presented in an image of plump, feeble-minded, nude man and alike him not beautiful woman. Who, as we can see from his picture, could not do in paradise anything except eating to the full pot and enjoy a balmy sleep.

So, here, nobody but Michelangelo himself in his fresco painting ‘The Fall’ which was symbolically raised by him to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel made a composition of Adam and Eve and by that he set the style of it in the world. And because of it such caddish and disgusting interpretations became possible, and also horribly obscence and vile comments about Adam and Eve. Which were given towards Forbears of all mankind about presented ‘forbidden fruit’ as Adam’s genitures in the projection to Eve’s face in a documentary by BBC — ‘Museums mysteries’.

And that is why all of us should condemn with all the right this fresco painting ‘The Fall’ by Michelangelo for intended praise and rising of our picture ‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — ‘The Glorification of God’.

Because his picture in its idea gives a massage which gives the right and reason for appearing true caddish statements instead of respectful attitude towards Adam and Eve  as it was said ‘respect the father and the mother’ (Mf 15:4).

As for this, firstly Michelangelo himself involuntarily tried to do everything to make this picture be with unpleasant smell and, as a result, got such estimation.

And  therefore there is no difference or mismatch in the fact that ‘connoisseurs’ of his painting are the same as the creator was.

As Michelangelo in his painting depicted incomprehensible Adam and incomprehensible Heaven rather talentlessly and spiritlessly. And also could not show how at what height this heaven is from which Adam committed adultery fell when he was  driven off there.

In other words, looking closely at this painting ‘The Fall’ it is absolutely incomprehensible how high and glorious this place was and how it was different from the place where Adam was exiled to.

And now let everybody think and answer to themselves if it is possible according to the idea and appearance of this painting to say the fall of Adam was devastatingly high? And how Adam became different from previous being?

However, sure enough, to be objective, we have to say about Michelangelo that he is much less guilty than those theologists who without knowing the truth confirmed in the world such false and spiritless notion about Adam and Eve.

Because he, as all other artists, did not have any freedom and independence in this case because of dominating stereotypical attitude towards Adam and Eve, but first of all he did not have necessary spiritual understanding.

As a result all artists in this world have depict Adam and Eve in this way from ancient times to our days.

So if we want to judge them by all these pictures, let it be on their conscience.

However, now everybody has to know and understand that they have absolutely broken the commandment of God.

Whereas, unlike all the unwise breakers of the commandment of God, but spiritual people, only if they are ‘what they should be’ (2Cor 13:5), who can ‘spiritually estimate’ (1Cor 2:14) spiritual things, have to depict Adam and Eve exeptionally spiritually.

And only basing on what is authentic, convincing and what is said about Adam by God in Bible; ‘you are a stamp of perfectness, fullness of wisdom and crown of beauty. You were in Eden, in God’s garden; your clothes were decorated with different precious gems…’ (Eze 28:12-15).

Because there wasn’t and there won’t be any other such source of truth as Bible, where such worthy and gloriously, exactly as it was said by prophet  Ezekiel, personal qualities appropriate only to kingly and absolutely perfect Adam are shown.

Because otherwise  it won’t be difficult to compare and define how great or small in importance the fall of Adam could be seen if to judge about Adam and Eve looking at other pictures, which were created with the breaking of God’s commandment and based only on the fact that they ‘were both naked’ (Gen 2:25).

Because the most important definition of past glory of Adam and Eve is not the fact that they ‘were both naked’ (Gen 2:25). But we should understand and underline what was said about Adam by the Lord: you are a stamp of perfectness, fullness of wisdom and crown of beauty…. You were an anointed cherub to flash on, I told you to do it’ (Eze 28:12-14).

So we can judge correctly and understand how great was the fall of someone who was rightly an apex of God’s creation, having a great fame and power of an anointed cherub. And also what this Adam’s fall brought to all the world and what consequences happened as a result of everything what had happened to him.

As Adam’s fall , it was said about his life before: ‘you were created in your ways from the day’ (Eze 28:15), was a great disaster for the world and global tragedy.

As a result of it ‘each creation’ (Rom 8:22) in this world shuddered with horror and with incredible fear, with the sudden cold of death and destroying, because they all felt and realized what had happened with kingly and true cherub of heaven Adam.

Because exactly since that time material world was doomed to destroy physically and all creatures on the earth were condemned to die and were exposed to glow.

As everything in this world was connected with Adam, his high position as a kingly lord of Eden and all the earth and that is why everything, by the good will of God, was carried on him

As until Adam himself was sinless — who was appealed by God to flash on all of those above whom he was put by the God, this world had to be perfect as well.

And truly exactly this, the most worthy example in this world, where, as defined, there is no place for any breaking of God’s commandment, now is our picture ‘Adam and Eve in Heaven’ — ‘The Glorification of God’.

Because no one other picture of all, however much there are ones, exactly this picture presents the most worthy and glorious expression of the grand fame of God and a person!!!

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